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Included in the price:                                               bank fees, service fees
Not included in the price:                                        21%  VAT 
After completing the process of buying tickets via our online system you will receive a proforma invoice and the tickets in PDF file. Tickets are later available to download from the system. Each ticket has its own unique bar code, which enables the ticket's holder to attend the particular part of the program. Bar code is unique and enables enter only to one (first) holder.
Bulk discounts can be used for all tickets except tickets for the closing party.  Discount will be recognized only for the purchase of several tickets by one purchaser.  The discount will be taken once the proforma bill is issued - additional purchased tickets will not be discounted.
10 tickets = 10% for each ticket
15 tickets = 15% for each ticket
20 tickets = 20% for each ticket 
5 flyers = 20% for each flyer


600 €

For AKA members only. Based on director’s confirmation order. Transferable.
For current holder includes:
  • Access to any PIAF conference block
  • Closing Party
  • Best of ... show (award ceremony)
  • Shots in the dark

 two days (20th - 21st May)

390 €
Personal non-transferable pass with the holder’s photo.
  • Access to any PIAF conference block on 20th or 21st May
  • Best of…show (Award Cremony)
  • Party
  • Shots in the dark
  • Certificate  “Updated in marketing & communication ARTS“
  • 1x lunch (on 21 May)

  Wednesday conference access (21st May)

320 €

Personal non-transferable pass with the holder’s photo. Holder will receive the certificate „Updated in marketing & communication ARTS“
  • Full access to any PIAF conference block on 21st May
  • Best of ... show (Award Ceremony)
  • Party
  • Certificate  “Updated in marketing & communication ARTS“
  • 1x Lunch
  • Shots in the dark - public screening

Single access ticket

Enables to attend individual events (Workshops, Conference blocks, Best of ... show, Party)
 Conference block I. (20th May)
 The times they are a-changing..
140 €
 Conference block II. (21st May)
 Start me up!
140 €
 Conference block III. (21st May)
What do you want from me?
140 €
 BEST OF...SHOW (Award ceremony +  Party) 
 21st May
 21st May



The number of tickets for any workshop is limited to 30 seats.

 Workshop I. (20th May)
Freeing ideas - a journey from creative brief to unseen execution 
 110 €
 Workshop II. (20th May)
Facebook creative ad camp
 100 €
 Workshop III. (20th May)
All work is creative work, how to say goodbye to monotony and create more value 
 100 €
 Workshop IV. (20th May)
Service design: Fixing real problems in real time 
 70 €

Methods of payments

For tickets is acceptable only BANK TRANSFER or  CASH payment at the venue during the conference.
 Account Name:
 PIAF a.s.
 Account Number:
 Bank Code:
 Bank Name:
 GE Money Bank
 Bank Address:
 Dukelských hrdinů 692/35, Prague 7 170 00
 Bank Phone:
 +420 233 113 031
 IBAN:  CZ35 0600 0000 000 202006056
 Currency:  EUR or CZK
Proforma invoice will include a proforma reference number, which you must provide to your bank during the bank transfer process as a variable symbol. The final invoice will be issued after the conference.
For more information, please contact us at payments@piafawards.com