Think Digital

23/03/2015ATL and digital campaigns are still often created independently. But do clients separate in their brain the information obtained through phone and computer from those they get on television and billboards? Not at all. Myles Lord, Creative Director of Europe’s legendary agency Heimat, and Yonathan Domnitz (Mindscapes) will speak on traditional media in the era of digital.

PIAFYS in the mid-time

The 2014/15 PIAFYS global ranking is in its mid-term. After this autumn’s festival storm, the top 4 positions are held by creatives from the agency Adam&Eve. It was named Agency of the Year at Eurobest, and it received its title above all thanks to the campaigns Sorry, I Spent It On Myself and Marmite. The 5th position is held by Sugano Kaoru from Dentsu Tokyo, who scored with the campaign SOUND OF HONDA / AYRTON SENNA 1989. The updated PIAFYS shows the ranking of 2179 creatives. Find yourself here.
Ranking Name Points
1 Priest Ben 98690
2 Tollett Ben 95690
2 Stamp Emer 95690
3 Mouzannar Bechara 84340
4 Sugano Kaoru 71900
5 Yonezawa Kyoko 69650
6 Brim Richard 68310
7 Fisher Daniel 67370
8 John Judy 62910
9 Vervroegen Erik 61890
10 Ng Ronald 56970
11 Nair Primus 56370
11 Yee Wai Khuen 56370
12 Swanson Becky 53915
13 Heffels Guido 48190
14 Ghorayeb Malek 46640
15 Guerassimov Dimitri 45990
15 Benmoussa Julien 45990
16 Lubars David 45865
17 Schill Alexander 44910
18 De Maupeou Anne 44490
19 Hanke Sascha 44145
20 Brazier Paul 43730

Independent against global

23/03/2015 The fierce battle for the market between independent and global agencies will be one of the topics of the PIAF conference. Julian Boulding, founder of the open chain of independent agencies "thenetworkone", will speak about the causes and consequences of the onset of independent agencies. Creative Director of the agency Amsterdam 180 Al Moseley will discuss the shift from globalization to multiculturalism in commercial communication. Michal Nydrle will show for the first time in a case study that the agency can work without a fee – for a share in profits. The final discussion with clients will certainly be exciting.