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PIAF deadline approaching, conference program disclosed

23/03/2015 April 4th is the deadline for competitors to enter their campaigns to the international festival PIAF. This year’s jury is chaired by Ramzi Moutran, Creative Director at the most awarded agency in the Middle East, Ogilvy MENA. PIAF is also disclosing the big names of this year’s conference.
PIAF will traditionally take place in the underground and on the roof-top of Prague’s National Gallery – at the Trade Fair Palace on May 26th and 27th. The first day of the festival will offer interactive workshops, the first conference block and the Shots in the Dark evening of screenings. Micky Denehy will come from London to hold one of the best rated workshops you can attend. With the topic "Winning the battle for new business" he is aiming at agencies. Harald Betke’s workshop will focus on "How to Sell Dreams", meaning luxury brands.
The first block of the conference will discuss a new phenomenon on the Czech market – that of the onset of independent agencies. Independence Day will not only present fresh creative concepts, but it will also treat of the specifics of what independent agencies can offer. And what they can’t.
The entry-free Shots in the Dark will include a one hour screening of the Best Of from all over the world as chosen for PIAF by the American portal AdForum. 
The second day of the festival will explore the relationship between efficiency and creativity. In this block you will get to hear among others Wieden&Kennedy’s Global Planning Director Nick Docherty, or the jury chairman Ramzi Moutran. Marketers will also be interested in the results from the European research by GFK on burnout brands, or in the view of well-known Creative Petr Václavek, who currently operates at Impact BBDO Dubai.
On Wednesday you can look forward to another big topic - how to respond to the revolution in the customers’ way of thinking, which came with the digitization of their lives. Top speakers from Facebook, Google or Sony will tackle this issue, together with a big name among Europe’s creatives, Myles Lord from the German Heimat. The topic of how to lead Creatives towards a different way of thinking about their work in this age of digital will be treated a day earlier by Mindscapes’ Yonathan Domnitz in his workshop.
"Overall PIAF will present 30 speakers from ten countries of the world. Apart from inspirational global issues we also treat very practical issues that the domestic market currently deals with," says Marek Hlavica, PIAF Director.
PIAF will be joined this year by its partner association of film producers APA, which will contribute to the program with a workshop, a screening at the Shots in the Dark followed by the APA party at the club Avion.
The festival will end on Wednesday night with the Award ceremony Best of… PIAF, the presentation of the AKA Best Agency of the Year awards, and the BOB Awards for Best Creatives. And of course the night will close with the PIAF roof-top party at the Trade Fair Palace.

PIAF Announces the Call for Entries

03/02/2015 Prague, February 3, 2015 – The Prague International Advertising Festival has launched, for the sixth time now, its creative competition, which covers all sectors of marketing and communication, from brand creation through creative forms of communication, all the way to sales promotion.
As is now tradition, the PIAF jury is composed not only of the world's leading admen, but also of representatives from major corporations. The PIAF results are all the more valuable as they undergo the scrutiny of creatively minded clients.
The competition rules are changing on a single point – a campaign can receive the Grand Prix even if it isn’t competing in several categories at once, as was the case until now. The Jury Chairman Ramzi Moutran from Ogilvy MEMAC will head a team of twelve jurors from nine countries, among whom are such names as Nick Docherty from Wieden Kennedy Amsterdam, Myles Lord from Heimat, Xavier Beauregard from the French Leo Burnett, Etson Athayde from FCB Portugal and others. The corporate side is represented by Facebook, Google, Sony and SABMiller.
"PIAF has already established itself among international competitions. Its specificity is not only its focus on innovation and its wide scope, but mainly the fact that we include clients in the game. Their contribution is essential. Without the support of clients, innovation is just an interesting idea,” says Marek Hlavica, Director of PIAF.
The deadline for entries is April 4th 2015. The festival, which also includes a 2-day conference, will be held on May 25th to 27th in Prague’s National Gallery. Shortlists will be published in the first half of May and the winners are announced on the festival’s last day, May 27th. The PIAF results are reflected in the global ranking PIAFYS (PIAFindYourSelf), which follows over 3 thousand Creatives from around the world..
Notes for editors:
·  The 2015 Prague International Advertising Festival is the festival’s 6th edition
·  It focuses on innovation in branding, communication and sales promotion
·  The international jury votes in all categories on a 2 rounds system
·  Together with top creatives such as Alexander Schill, Luiz Sanches, Arno Lindemann, Chris Garbutt and others, the jury is composed of client representatives of big brands
·  The festival also has a global ranking, PIAFindYourSelf (PIAFYS), with 3000 names it is the most complex global ranking of Creative Directors

Ramzi Moutran as Jury Chairman for PIAF 2015

26/01/2015 The Prague International Advertising Festival is in its 6th season already and will take place this year on May 25th to 27th. The international jury will be chaired by Creative Director from Memac Ogilvy & Mather UAE, Ramzi Moutran. Among other jury members are Wieden&Kennedy’s strategist Nick Docherty, Myles Lord from Heimat Berlin or Xavier Beauregard from the French Leo Burnett, to name but a few. Corporate representatives will also take part in the jury, such as the Pilsner Urquell Global Brand Manager Petr Dvorak from London, or Creative Strategist Ryszard Sroka of Facebook EMEA.
The Call for entries is set for early February and the deadline is on April 4th, 2015. The shortlists should then be published in early May. The competition includes 12 categories, not copying media types, the categories focus on creativity in the broad sense, from brand marketing concepts through creative forms of communication and media planning to sales promotion.
"Creativity is not at all the sole property of those who have it on their business cards and in their job description. The best results are achieved by those approaches that involve the participation of creatives together with marketers and traders. PIAF endeavors to recognize creativity at all stages of the brand’s journey, from the manufacturer to the customer,” says Marek Hlavica, Director of PIAF.
PIAF is not only an international competition of creativity, but it is also a two-day professional conference designed for senior marketers and communications specialists. The conference is closed by an awards ceremony and the announcement of the AKA Agency of the Year winners. Check out details on PIAF 2015 on the website.
Notes for editors:
·  The 2015 Prague International Advertising Festival is the festival’s 6th edition
·  It focuses on innovation in branding, communication and sales promotion
·  The international jury votes in all categories on a 2 rounds system
·  Together with top creatives such as Alexander Schill, Luiz Sanches, Arno Lindemann, Chris Garbutt and others, the jury is composed of client representatives of big brands
·  The festival also has a global ranking, PIAFindYourSelf (PIAFYS), with 3000 names it is the most complex global ranking of Creative Directors

PIAFYS ranking closed and 2015 dates announced

07/10/2014 The Prague International Advertising Festival will be held in the last week of May 2015. The announcement was published today along with the final ranking for PIAFYS 2013/4. The entire season, concluded by this year's Cannes Lions, was led by the two Australian creatives John Mescall and Pat Baron from McCann Australia.
Surprisingly, the usual American and European representatives are missing from this year’s Top 10. Traditionally strong Brazilians are accompanied by creatives from Japan and Dubai. Thanks to the award-winning campaign for the John Lewis brand, 3 creatives from the agency Adam & Eve DDB made it to the top 10. The closest European – Chris Garbut from Ogilvy France – holds the 13th position.
PIAFYS is the widest global creative ranking, it takes into account the results of 27 international creative competitions. It currently contains 3225 names of creatives from all over the world. Each season ends with the Cannes Lions. The 2014/15 ranking is currently on-going, its status will be updated and published online on piafawards.com in the next weeks.
One of the included festivals is Prague’s PIAF. It will take place the last week of May 2015. The final jury will be announced early next year.

Hornbach, Bud and Samsung – the best of this year‘s PIAF

22/05/2014 The fifth Prague International Advertising Festival knows its winners. The most awarded campaign, Hornbach’s Hobbymarket campaign by the German agency Heimat, received 1 gold and 2 silver awards. The most awarded Czech campaign is The Bullet, by Havas Worldwide Prague for the Czech Helsinki Committee. It received a silver award in the category State and Public institutions and a bronze award in the category Storytelling.

The jury, led by Europe’s most awarded Creative director Alexander Schill from the German agency Serviceplan, didn’t award any Grand prix this year. According to Schill, all the entries that could aspire at getting a Grand Prix were missing some important aspect or other. Another juror, Arno Lindemann from Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, thought that another reason for not awarding this special prize was that the jury had a lot of time for the judging. The jurors could discuss all and every entry in detail and find faults even in the greatest ones.

The jurors decided that to give a Grand Prix, the number of awards it got in various categories wasn’t a sufficient criteria, but that the campaign also had to greatly change and innovate the advertising industry. Among other noteworthy successful campaigns at this year’s PIAF are the Bud Light campaign, with 2 gold awards, the Samsung S4 campaign that promotes eyetracking technology, and Auchan’s report, which also got 2 awards. “This year, the jury’s decisions were definitely the strictest in all of PIAF’s history. All in all, 29 entries will receive a PIAF award, when the number was as high as 50 in previous editions,” says PIAF Director Marek Hlavica.

The jury also judged the student competition “The Czech Republic is cool”, which was organized by the State agency Czechtourism among students of advertising and art schools. The task was to prepare a communication campaign presenting the Czech Republic as an attractive destination for young people.

Among Czech campaigns, a bronze award was given to Telefónica O2’s Last Comment campaign, a silver award went to the Czech Radio for its use of media at the Winter Olympics, and Modry Andel received a silver in the category Storytelling.

The PIAF results also influenced the PIAFYS ranking. No changes took place at the top, which is held by the duo Mescall & Baron, but the next 318 positions were modified, they concern almost 3000 creatives from all over the world.

The International Advertising Festival PIAF publishes shortlists

12/05/2014The Prague International Advertising Festival has published on its website the entries that made it to the final judging. This will be led by one of the world’s most awarded creatives, Alexander Schill, from the German agency Serviceplan. The jury is also composed of top marketing experts from McDonald's, Carlsberg and Unilever. The festival and its international conference on revolutionary changes in marketing and communications takes place on May 20th and 21st in Prague.

PIAF differs from most competitions of the type in that it seeks the participation of top marketers in the jury. In addition, the competition has 14 innovative categories which cover the entire spectrum of activities in the field of communications and branding. Every year, about 50 works receive an award. The complete shortlists PIAF 2014 are available here.

“This year, 137 entries have made it to the final. Among the candidates are renowned global players such as BBDO New York, Fred&Farid, R/GA, Almap BBDO, Heimat, but also agencies that do not belong to the traditional trophy collectors,” says festival Director Marek Hlavica.

According to him, it confirms the special status of PIAF, which gives the opportunity to score to other works than at traditional competitions. This of course doesn’t affect the top level of the PIAF jury.

The PIAF winners will be announced at the Best of ... show in Prague on May 21st. The award ceremony will be the climax of the two-day professional conference that features over 20 international speakers. This year’s topic are the changes that have been transforming the field of marketing and communications in recent years. Check out the conference program here.

Deadline for PIAF Call for entries extended

01/04/2014The Prague International Advertising Festival PIAF has decided to extend the deadline for entering the competition until April 16th.

The winners will be chosen by a single international jury chaired by Europe’s most awarded Creative, Alexander Schill (Serviceplan). PIAF’s specialty is to have a jury which includes prominent marketers representing brands that have demonstrated their creativity in a number of campaigns.

This year, the jury will include representatives of Carlsberg, Unilever and McDonald's. “I am convinced that thanks to the fact that it includes clients’ representatives, the PIAF jury rejects works, which are creative for the sake of creativity. It also increases the credit of the awards in the eyes of the winning agencies’ clients," says PIAF Director Marek Hlavica.

Apart from its competition, the PIAF festival also holds a two-day professional conference. Over 20 international experts from the agency and corporate spheres will present themselves on May 20th and 21st in Prague. The experts’ main focus will be on innovations in the industry. The program of lectures and workshops is posted on www.piafawards.com

At the PIAF conference

17/03/2014The 5th international advertising and marketing festival PIAF is promising two days full of workshops and lectures by foreign experts on marketing and communication. Some of this year’s stars are digital guru Pete Blackshaw, who is changing the global communication strategy for Nestlé, or Europe’s most awarded Creative Officer Alexander Schill from the agency Serviceplan. The PIAF conference will be held at the National Gallery in Prague on May 20th and 21st.
Almost thirty speakers will focus on practical knowledge and skills. Facebook has prepared a workshop on the use of social networks for commercial communication. How to process a creative brief today, how to bring creativity into the daily routine, how can Service design help in business development, what does the entrance of digital agencies in the full service mean – these are just a few tips of what the program has in store for you. McDonald’s and Unilever’s top marketers will share their experiences. The Gunn Report’s point of view on today’s revolution in creativity will definitely be interesting, as will be the opinions of Germany’s legend in creativity Arno Lindemann (Lucas Lindemann Rosinski) or that of the Middle East’s advertising star Bechara Mouzannar (Leo Burnett MENA).
"95% of the speakers are top professionals of European or global level. No other similar event in the Central European region has a comparable program. The high concentration of know-how together with its informal atmosphere ensure that PIAF is an extraordinary opportunity to improve your knowledge in the field," says Marek Hlavica, Festival Director, adding that those participating to the whole conference program will receive a certificate of completion.
This year’s edition brings several new features. The participants can download conference notes of every lecture, taken by high-profile members of the Czech communication business.
„This way, PIAF participants won’t have to take notes, but more importantly, they will get to see the lectures and seminars through the eyes of their colleagues from several professions,” explains Marek Hlavica.
Even the trophies are new this year – the winners will be awarded trophies made of Vitrucell – a special colored glass developed by the glassworks Lhotský in Pelechov.
After the final presentation of winning entries the closing party will be held on top of the roof of the National Gallery, the biggest building of European constructivism built the late 20´s of the 20th century.

The PIAF call for entries is now open

03/02/2014Prague 3/2/2014 – The Prague International Advertising Festival (PIAF) has just announced the names of this year’s jury and it is now also accepting competition entries. PIAF will be held for the fifth time this year, the competition will take place together with a professional international conference on marketing and advertising on May 20th and 21st in Prague. The deadline for the PIAF call for entries is April 4th 2014. The finalists will be disclosed by early May. The conference program for advertising and marketing professionals will be presented in early March.

You can register your work in one of 14 competition categories starting February 3rd. The PIAF categories and its evaluation system are what make the festival different from other traditional competitions of this kind. The entries will be judged in 2 rounds by an international jury chaired by Alexander Schill, Creative Director of the German agency Serviceplan. It belongs to the top creative agencies not only in Europe but the entire industry. The jury is composed of excellent creatives, but it also includes representatives of major companies for whom creativity is a must for their communication. You will find the complete jury composition at http://www.piaf.cz/Competition/Jury.aspx

“The jury is once again amazing. We find true marketing legends as well as representatives of relatively young, independent and very progressive agencies, that are quickly making their name in the communication industry," says Marek Hlavica, Director of PIAF.

The fifth edition of PIAF also brings several new features. The glassworks Pelechov are currently working on a new trophy design, for which they are using their worldwide unique technology: Vitrucel.

Another novelty is the cooperation between PIAF and the agency CzechTourism, on a competition focusing on creative concepts that will promote the Czech Republic among students of European universities. The competition is once again international and registration will be open to students of Art and Marketing schools abroad. Find out more at http://www.czechtourism.com/coolczechrepublic/

Note for editors:

•    The Prague International Advertising Festival PIAF is held under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague Tomaš Hudeček

•    PIAF will be held for the fifth time, as per usual in May at the Trade Fair Palace – the building of the National Gallery in Prague 7

•    PIAF is the largest event in the field of marketing and advertising in the Central European region. The PIAF conference will present about 30 top foreign experts

The Prague International Advertising Festival to be held for the fifth time

14/01/2014Prague Sept. 13th - The fifth international advertising and marketing festival PIAF will be held from May 19th to 21st 2014. The festival, typical for its innovative evaluation system, will take place for the fifth time. The chairman of this year’s jury is currently the greatest European Creative Director, Alexander Schill, from the German Serviceplan. Thanks to PIAF’s cooperation with the agency CzechTourism, which has launched a competition among college students to promote the Czech Republic, the jury will for the first time this year assess the work of students of European universities. The festival also includes an international conference on innovations in the field of advertising.

The Call for entries in 14 innovative categories is scheduled for early February. The deadline will be on April 4th, the shortlists will be known in early May.

“We have once again managed to put together a highly prestigious jury, composed of renowned creatives as well as marketers. The latter represent major brands, who put creativity upfront. The jury will also include a representative of the Czech ADC," says festival Director Marek Hlavica. PIAF maintains the idea that creativity should be brought not only by agencies, but also by their clients, in order to achieve common success. The complete jury will be disclosed in early February.

Alexander Schill, from the German agency Serviceplan, accepted the role of chairman of the jury. He was already part of the jury at PIAF in 2012.

„Prague has welcomed a strong set of creatives and marketers from around the globe. The system of evaluation as well as the composition of the jury, which also includes clients, pushes the jury to exchange opinions and discuss them. I feel this is something incredibly valuable and this is why I accepted the invitation to go to Prague once again“, says Alexander Schill.

Alex has been for several years one of the most inspiring Creative Directors in Europe. Serviceplan has grown under his leadership to become the largest independent agency in Europe with 1,400 employees. Alex has won over 30 Cannes Lions and holds the third position in the worldwide ranking Chief Creative Officer (Big Won 2011). In PIAFYS 2012/13 he reached the ninth position among more than 3,000 Creative Directors from all over the world.

PIAF will give the opportunity to students from European universities to take part in the competition, for the first time this year. The agency CzechTourism has announced a creative contest for the best campaign to promote the Czech Republic as a tourist destination for students of European universities. Participation is open to students especially from marketing, economic and art schools in Europe. The winner will be elected by the PIAF jury and will be announced at the Best of ... 2014. Finalists will attend the festival free of charge. The winner will be rewarded with a financial prize of 8,800 Euro. Further information on rules and regulation at http://www.czechtourism.com/coolczechrepublic/.

PIAF Announces May 2013 Date


Prague 5.11.2012: The Prague International Advertising Festival (PIAF) 2013 has a date:  21- 22 May 2013.  Preparations for PIAF 2013, Prague’s most prestigious advertising event, are in full swing!  Organizers expect attendance figures for next year to be even higher than PIAF 2012. 

PIAF’s effort in developing a new, fresh and innovative advertising festival has my full support. I think you’re doing a great job in trying to make a difference, break the mold and stimulate the ‘out of the box’ philosophy you want PIAF to stand for in the future. I’m sure the international world of advertising and communication will consider PIAF as the place to enter innovative, ‘out of the box’ work in the future. I will for sure do everything I can to spread the word and encourage people and projects to enter next year – and the years to come. I will start with 2 of my own ABSOLUT projects launching this year”, Sebastian Billing Global Communication Director for Absolut at Pernod Ricard after judging at PIAF 2012.

We pride ourselves on being a „different“ sort of festival; a successful revolutionary breakthrough in creativity of customers and agencies together,” explains Marek Hlavica, festival director. “Our totally unique categories reflect brand evaluation, sales and support.” he continues.


PIAFYS 2011/2012 closed, results tallied…. check out PIAFYS ranking system to see where creatives from your country stand

The PIAFYS ranking, a global ranking of over 3,340 creatives worldwide consisting of and updated based on information from public sources has officially closed for 2011/2012 and results have been tallied.  Awards from 26 international festivals are included in the PIAFYS ranking.

Alexander Schill, the Chief Creative Officer of the German agency Serviceplan and member of the PIAF 2012 jury, made his way to very TOP of the annual PIAFYS ranking and Luiz Sanches, Executive Creative Director of Almap BBDO Brazil, a PIAF 2012 juror and last year's PIAFYS winner made it into the top 10.

PIAFYS 2013 is underway and already includes results of festivals that took place during September and October 2012.

PIAFYS TOP 100 country by country….

The USA led the 2011/2012 points ranking with Germany in close second.  Brazil and China were also very competitive in third and fourth place respectively.