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Technical requirements

The only possible method of submitting entries in all categories of PIAF Awards is via online submitting system, which is available on http://system.piaf.cz. All submitted works must fulfill following specifications - see below. Please note that any deviation from these may result in an entry rejection and a new file will be required.
If you have any problem, please feel free to contact the PIAF team via entries@piafawards.com.  All entries must be submitted as they were aired/published/implemented and must not be modified for entry. If an entry is not in the English language it must be translated but this must be an exact translation from the original version.

Video files

Video files are required in formats of:

  • .mov (need of installation of Quicktime, if system Windows is used)
  • .avi
  • .mp4
  • .flp
With resolution:
  • NTSC
  • PAL
  • HD
And with Frame rate:
  • 25-30 f. p. s. 


 Via web uploader you can upload smaller files (maximum of 32 MB size). For bigger files please use ftp connection:

  • run any FTP client (e.g. Filezilla - for downloading please click here, or Total Commander)
  • FTP server address: system.piaf.cz
  • disable anonymous connection
  • username: your email address
  • password: your password to PIAF system

Image files

All submitted images, included 3D items, must be uploaded according to specifications detailed below:

   High resolutions
 Quality  300 dpi
 Colourspace  CMYK or RGB

As all image entries will be exhibited during the festival, one mounted sample of each entry is also needed.

  • It should measure 60 cm x 40 cm and be mounted on black lightweight card
  • It needs to be provided by entry number, title and advertising agency on the back
  • Non-English ads have to be supplied with an English translation (explanatory information and translation can be added during the uploading of the entry to the system)
  • Boards must be delivered to the postal address by 2nd May 2015
Postal address for mounted images: 
PIAF a.s.
Jankovcova 23
170 00  
Prague  7
Czech Republic

Audio files

Audio files should be made under following specifications:
 Quality  44.1 khz
 Bit rate
 16 bit
All audio files are recommended to be translated into English or be supplied with an English translation into “English translations” field.

URL addresses

You can add URL address during submitting process (step 3) as well. 
  • Required specifications of URL:
  • URL must lead directly to the entry (entry file must be the part of the website which provided URL address directs to)
  • No agenxy branding during entry presentation is allowed
  • Non-English parts must be translated