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Entry fee

Price for one entry in one category:                   199 EUR

Included in the price:                                               bank fees, service fees
For Czech companies and foreign VAT non-payer companies
Not included in the price:                                        21% VAT

Bulk discounts:

10 entries = 7% discount per entry ...... 1 entry = 185 EUR
15 entries = 10% discount per entry......1 entry = 179 EUR
20 entries = 15% discount per entry......1 entry = 169 EUR
25 entries = 30% discount per entry .....1 entry = 139 EUR 

After completing the process of submitting entries via our online system you will receive a proforma invoice. It will include a proforma reference number, which you must provide to your bank during the bank transfer process as a variable symbol. Please ensure your payment is made in EUR only!! It is imperative that you cover all bank charges - otherwise your registration and entries will not be processed.
Please note that invoices (proforma) for entries must be settled by April 24th 2015 (money must arrive to our account at this day) – otherwise we reserve the right to exclude your work from the competition.
The final invoice will be issued after this date.

VAT TAX Registration Number

Please do not forget to fill your VAT tax registration number in the PIAF system. If  the VAT number is not filled during the registration process, you will be considered as VAT non-payer company and 21% VAT will be added to the entry price.

Methods of payments

We accept payments by bank transfer and newly also by card online:
Payment by bank transfer
 Account Name:
 PIAF a.s.
 Account Number:
 Bank Code:
 Bank Name:
 GE Money Bank
 Bank Address:
 Dukelských hrdinů 692/35, 170 00 Praha 7
 Bank Phone No:
 +420 233 113 031
 IBAN:  1906000000000213108285
 Currency:  EUR
Payment by card online
In case you pay by card from a different than CZK account, your bank will withdraw from your account an additional exchange fee according to its own exchange rate.
You can use the following cards to pay online: Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Visa and Visa electron. The limit for any single payment is 7.300 EUR or 200.000 CZK.

When paying by card, an invoice will automatically be generated from the details in your profile, once you click the button "Pay", you won't be able to make any changes in the invoice. However in your profile you can enter various addresses and mark which one to use for the invoice.

For more information, please contact us: payments@piafawards.com