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Creativity is the underlying principle of work in all stages of brand building, which is why PIAF will follow this process step by step, from the birth of a brand and its placement on the market, through commercial communication, to creative forms of distribution and sales.

PIAF will award entries in 14 categories by gold, silver and bronze.

Group 1 - Art of delivery

This group deals with the way, or technique, in which the content is delivered to the target group. Playing with advertising formats that take on a new form or content, creative planning, converting any elements of the outside environment into carriers of advertising, use of the authority of the editorial content or the development of new technology, brilliant breathtaking execution – these are the ways how to win among the thousands of commercial message vehicles attacking the peoples’ mind. 

1. Creative use of traditional advertising formats

If you feel that you have fully exploited or even broadened the potential of traditional advertising media, you may have the chance to score in this category

·       Standard formats such as TV or radio spots, billboards, print advertisements, posters and others are also constantly the subject of innovation.

·      The creative planning of various media types can lead to surprising effects..

Suitable category for: any media type, on-line, campaign, creative media planning etc.

Examples of famous campaigns you may know and fit into this category:

·         Skoda: Electrically operated boot/ Change Integrated/Poland/Volkswagen Group

·         Fisch Franke - The Living Poster/Publicis Frankfurt/Germany/Fisch Franke

·         ING Direct: Human Billboards/Leo Burnett Milan/Italy/ING

·         The Zimbabwean Newspaper:Trillion Dollar Campaign/TBWA\hunt\lascarcis/South Africa/The Zimbabwean Newspaper


 Assessment criteria:

·         The use of standard media in an untraditional way

·         Extending the possibilities of untraditional media (interactive features, 3D, innovative media planning, technological element)

·         Relevance of the solution to the main message and target group

2. Creating the media

Current advertising can turn just about any element of our living space into an advertising medium.

         Objects, situations, events, created for the sole purpose of communicating the main message;

         New carriers of messages are emerging from things around us – objects, the countryside, situations or events – that primarily serve an entirely different purpose.

Suitable category for: outdoor, innovations, event, campaign, point of sale, direct mail etc.

 Examples of famous campaigns you may know and fit into this category:

·         Dunlop Falken Tyres: Melody road/Dentsu Razorfish/Japan/Dunlop

·         McDonald’s: MacFries Pedestrian Crossing/TBWA/Switzerland/ McDonald’s

·         Axe Deodorant:Emergency Exit Sign/Lowe/Belgium/Unilever

·         Leibniz Originals/Kolle Rebbe/Germany/Bahlsen GmbH& Co. KG

·         Heineken: Auditorium/JWT/Italy/Heineken N.V.

Assessment criteria:

·         Originality of the solution

·         Relevance of the solution to the main message and target group

·         Quality of the execution

3. Media engagement 

Some campaigns count on the active involvement of the media in terms of editorial support. Whether it is a spontaneous activity of the media or a media partnership, the authority of an independent third party – editorial support – strengthens the effect of the communication.

Suitable category for: campaign, PR, sponsorship and partnership, buzz, event, on-line, guerrilla etc.

Examples of famous campaigns you may know and fit into this category:

·         Gatorade “Replay”/TBWA\chiat\day La/USA/PepsiCo

·         Islands Of The Great Barrier Reef: Best Job In The World/Cumminsnitro/Australia/Tourism Queensland

·         Aids Awareness:SDIA Project/Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Israel/Aids Task Force

·         T-Mobile:Dance/Saatchi&Saatchi London/UK/T-Mobile

·         Walkers Crisps: Sandwich/Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO/UK/PepsiCo


 Assessment criteria:

·         Media coverage – scope and mix

·         Third party assessment

·         Linking with other means of communication

·         Relevance of the solution to the main message and target group

4. Creative use of technologies

Technological solutions expand the possibilities of the media. If used creatively and in line with the communication goal, technology often accounts for the success of advertising. It is predominantly used on the Internet and in mobile communication, allowing interactiveness, networking and data collection. The category includes software applications and systems as well as other technological solutions used in commercial communication (in-store…)

Suitable category for: applications, games, light/sound innovations used in communication, special vehicles, simulators, calculators, point of sale etc.

Examples of famous campaigns you may know and fit into this category:

·         NSFW. A Hunter Shoots a Bear/Tipp-Ex

·         Andes Beer:Teletransporter/Del Campo Nazca Saatchi& Saatchi/Argentina/Andes

·         Volkswagen: The Fun Theory/DDB Stockholm/Sweden/Volkswagen

·         The Anti-Drug Timeline/Mccann Digital Israel/israel anti-drug authority 


 Assessment criteria:

·         Originality of the solution

·         Functionality of the solution evidenced by its use

·         Relevance of the solution to the main message and target group

5. Brilliant Execution

The success of advertising lies in its execution. Its effect is built up by various means, the most important of which is the visual aspect, choreography, the choice of actors and their performance, the script and music. A perfectly executed production plays a decisive role in the quality of the final product.

Suitable category for: video and film, print, 3D, event

Examples of famous campaigns you may know and fit into this category:

·         Apple Computers:1984/TBWA\chiat\day/USA/Apple

·         Indesit:Underwater World/Leo Burnett Milan/Italy/Ariston

·         Philips Cinema 21:9:The Gift/DDB London/UK/ Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.

·         Absolut Vodka: I´m here/ TBWA\chiat\day/USA/Pernod Ricard

·         Land Rover: Claynation/RKCR/Y&R/USA/Land Rover

·         Conqueror Paper: Kathakali Dancer/Taproot/India/Transasia Papers

Assessment criteria:

·         Relevance of production means to the key message

·         Director's creative input

·         Visually convincing (camera, post-production, animation, lighting)

·         Music and sound component

Group 2- Idea - strong, brilliant, working

This group deals with the creative content of advertising and the manner in which it affects the target group. Currently, the emphasis is put on emotional involvement and the ability to provoke a spontaneous response. What stands out in the flood of commercial messages today is ideas that are capable of reaching and raising interest in the target group in a short period of time.

6. Storytelling

Advertising often addresses the target group by means of a story or drama. The longer and deeper the individual's experience, the stronger the emotional effect. Every year, thousands of stories are narrated in the world of advertising, thanks to which the target group internalizes the required message.

Suitable category for: any mediatype, campaign, PR, event etc.

Examples of famous campaigns you may know and fit into this category:

·         Young Director Award:Drama Queen/TBWA\PHS Helsinki/Finland/Young Director Award

·         Canal+:Wardrobe (The Closet)/BETC Euro RSCG/France/Canal+

·         Windows 7: A village of Experts/Bungalow25/Spain/Microsoft

·         Pop-up Nightmare/LOVE Agency/Pasaka Cinema Theatre/Lithuania

·         Wittness/Scholz & Friends Praha/Wüstenrot/Czech Republic


 Assessment criteria:

·         The ability to convey the main message through a story

·         The ability to attract through its idea and form

·         The ability to arouse emotions

·         Relevance to the target group

·         Strong point

7. Flash impact

For some advertising formats, such as outdoor, on-line banner, in-store, print etc., instantly conveying the message to the target group by means of a visual and/or language shortcut is a necessity. A solution that with the use of exaggeration, anecdote, simile, parallel or even shock can instantaneously attract people's attention and clearly convey the message is what the art of advertising is all about.

Suitable category for: any media type

Examples of famous campaigns you may know and fit into this category:

·         CNN: Camera man/DDB Istanbul/Turkey/CNN Turk

·         Evian: Girl–Jeans/BETC Euro RSCG/France/Groupe Danone S.A.

·         WHEEL CHAIR/WM Communication Prague/Czech Republic/Globus

·         Give properly/OgilvyInteractive/Fórum dárců/Czech Republic

 Assessment criteria:

·         The ability to attract attention

·         The aptness of the verbal or visual shortcut

·         Relevance to the target group

·         Comprehensibility of the message

8. The Principle of Game

A play on words, images, parallels, hyperbole. The joy of deciphering the core message is a reward for anyone who takes on the mental exercise set by the creators of advertising.

Suitable category for: any media type

Examples of famous campaigns you may know and fit into this category: 

 Assessment criteria:

·         The ability to involve the target group in the game

·         The ability to communicate the core message

·         Comprehensibility

9. Audience engagement

Although the usual goal of advertising is to convince the consumer to buy a particular service or product, advertising also has the power to make people take action that goes beyond the usual act of purchase. Successful concept changes people's behavior and makes them take action (including the action taken on the social networks).

Suitable category for: PR, campaigns, events, on-line, social network interactive campaigns, guerrilla, buzz, etc.

Examples of famous campaigns you may know and fit into this category:

·         Hunger strike against hunger/Leo Burnett Doo Beograd/Serbia/B92

·         Singalong/Saatchi & Saatchi London/UK/T-Mobile

·         Canon Eos Digital Camera: Photochains/Leo Burnett Sydney/Australia/Canon Inc.

·         Volkswagen: The Fun Theory/DDB Stockholm/Sweden/Volkswagen

·         Angry Birds Live/Saatchi & Saatchi EMEA/Deutsche Telekom


Assessment criteria:

·         The ability to address the target group

·         The ability to convey the message

·         The ability to alter people's behavior

·         The ability to spread the message via a spontaneous activity of the target group

Group 3 - Creative Branding, Marketing & Sales

It all starts with a product and building a brand, and at the end there is the sales and the brand's worth. Both of these poles, linked by various marketing branches including advertising, provide room for creativity.

10. Creative branding

The ability to capture a current trend or social reality, to accurately estimate the demand or even create it, find a niche in the market, give the brand unique and attractive characteristics. Knowing how to convey this to the target group. To create a new brand or substantially change the positioning of an existing brand and give it a new content – that is creative branding.

Suitable category for: brand/product launch campaign, Brand building/repositioning case studies etc.

Case studies you may know and fit into this category:

·         Rebirth of Kofola – communist era soda drink in Central Europe

·         Repositioning of Škoda Auto in Great Britain

·         American ROM/McCann Erickson/Romania

·         Havaianas Identity/AlmapBBDO/Brasil/Havaianas

·         Reach The Sunrise/Publicis Italy/Italy/Heineken


Assessment criteria:

·         Unique attributes of the brand; what sets it apart from its competitors

·         The ability to find or create a new target group

·         The ability to estimate or create demand

·         The way the brand was (re)introduced on the market

·         The shift in the perception of the brand

·         Sales results

11. Creative design

An original and characteristic design bears the attributes of a brand – both consumer and corporate. The design of packaging is also an important factor in the consumer's decision regarding the purchase of goods. Sometimes it transcends its fundamental purpose and provides room for creativity and communication with the consumer.

Suitable category for: corporate design, brand design, packaging design, packaging technical innovation etc.

Case studies you may know and fit into this category:

·         Mars Bar:Mars Messages /Fhv/BBDO/Netherlands/Mars

·         Toyota: IQ Font/Hapiness Brussels/Belgium/Toyota Motor Corporation

·         Self-Promotion: LLR Corporate Website/Lukas Lindemann Rosinski/Germany

·         Onitsuka Tiger: Tansu Shoe/Amsterdam Worldwide/Netherlands/Onitsuka Tiger

·         The Deli Garage Identity/Kolle Rebbe/Germany/The Deli Garage

Assessment criteria:

·         The ability of the design to communicate the brand's attributes

·         Comprehensiveness and consistency in design application

·         Technical and functional innovation in packaging

·         The ability to communicate the product's benefits

·         The ability to communicate the brand's attributes

·         Creative use of the packaging for further communication with the consumer

12. Creative sales and sales support

Methods of sales support, communication at the point of sale, consumer games and promotions constantly seek new ways of convincing the consumer to take the final step – purchasing the product or service.

Suitable category for: in-store marketing and design, promotions, competitions, sales support etc.

Case studies you may know and fit into this category:

·         Heineken:Beer Gloss/JWT/Italy/Heineken N.V.

·         Whopper Face/Ogilvy/Brasil/Burger King   

·         Nikeid: Generator/Beacon Communication/Japan/Nike Inc.

·         LEGO Builders of Sound/Serviceplan/LEGO/Germany

·         You´ll pay with your own blood/CORE 4/Last Frame productions s.r.o./ Slovakia


Assessment criteria:

·         Originality of the solution

·         The ability to address a specific target group

·         The ability to communicate the key message

·         Campaign results


PIAF Special Prize

13. Best Beer Ad

Beer producers all over the world address all kinds of target groups, they infiltrate new markets, they change the drinking habits and culture of this beverage. The Czech Republic is the number one country in the world when it comes to the consumption of beer per inhabitant. This is why we want PIAF to be the place where creative beer advertising is presented, regardless of the media.

·         creative beer advertising regardless of the media

Examples of famous campaigns you may know and fit into this category:


·         The Entrance/Wieden+ Kennedy Amsterdam/Netherlands/Heineken

·         Made By Real Guys/Kaspen/Jung von Matt a.s./Czech Republic/Budějovický Budvar

·         The Pilsner Compass/TRIAD Advertising/Slovakia/Pilsner Urquell

·         Open your world/Bernstein Werbeagentur/Germany/Heineken

·         The never ending Ad/AlmapBBDO/Brasil/Antarctica


14. State and public institutions 

The State and its institutions have strong communication needs. The objectives of state campaigns are however different from those of the business field. Still the campaigns commissioned by the state have to compete for the citizens’ attention at the same level as any other company, regardless of the factual importance of the message. This is why here too, creativity is the key to success.

  • ads and campaigns for state or state institutions of any level (tourism support, army and police recruitment, EU campaigns, education, social campaigns run by the state etc.)
  • ads and campaigns for municipalities, regions and their institutions

Examples of famous campaigns you may know and fit into this category:

       - Kiko and the Hand/Grey Amsterdam/The Council of Europe/Netherlands