Prague International Advertising Festival announces winners

27/05/2015The 2015 Prague International Advertising Festival jury has given out almost 50 awards to agencies from 10 countries of the world, from Columbia to the United Arab Emirates. The Czech Republic earned 15 of the 49 prizes given out.
"It's a very encouraging result for Czech commercial communications. It's not just about the awards, but at this conference we saw numerous pieces through which local independent agencies managed to draw the interest of large companies abroad, "says Marek Hlavica, Director of PIAF.
Even the jury chairman, Ramzi Moutran, Creative Director at the agency MEMAC Ogilvy in Dubai, was impressed with the high level of the campaigns that won.
This was the 6th edition of the Prague International Advertising Festival and it also included a 2-day international conference.

PIAFYS in the mid-time

The 2014/15 PIAFYS global ranking is in its mid-term. After this autumn’s festival storm, the top 3 positions are held by creatives from the agency Adam&Eve. It was named Agency of the Year at Eurobest, and it received its title above all thanks to the campaigns Sorry, I Spent It On Myself and Marmite. The 5th position is held by Sugano Kaoru from Dentsu Tokyo, who scored with the campaign SOUND OF HONDA / AYRTON SENNA 1989. The updated PIAFYS shows the ranking of 2179 creatives. Find yourself here.
Ranking Name Points
1 Priest Ben 112940
2 Tollett Ben 109940
2 Stamp Emer 109940
3 Mouzannar Bechara 96640
4 Brim Richard 82560
5 Fisher Daniel 81620
6 Sugano Kaoru 77900
7 John Judy 76160
8 Vervroegen Erik 71090
9 Yonezawa Kyoko 69650
10 Swanson Becky 67165
11 Ng Ronald 59220
12 Nair Primus 56970
12 Yee Wai Khuen 56970
13 Heffels Guido 54300
14 Guerassimov Dimitri 54140
15 Benmoussa Julien 53390
16 Schill Alexander 51955
17 De Maupeou Anne 51890
18 Reis Marcelo 50350
19 Lubars David 47865
20 Tan Norman 47760

Attention, please!

Tickets for the conference and the award ceremony will be available only till Monday 12.00 a.m.! Tick tock tick tock :)