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The National gallery

Functionalist building from 1925-1928 design by Oldrich Tyl and Josef Fuchs. The biggest concrete building of its kind in the world, plus one of the first official buildings constructed before the emerging functionalist style. Served its purpose until 1939, when it was taken over by the German occupation authorities and used as a gathering of Jews from deportation to concentration camps.

After the war, the fair features restored, but the last market took place in 1949. In 1951 the palace was rebuilt in minor changes to the administrative building. In 1974 the palace was burnt down, part of the floors failed. After a long time considering whether and to what purposes the palace renovated in 1978 it was decided to reconstruct the building as the future home of  the National Gallery in Prague – modern art collection.
The festival takes place underground in a former cinema closed to the public.
Visitors can see the unique collection of the French cubism of international and Czech art of the past two centuries. The operation was launched in 1995.
For more information about the National Gallery visit  www.ngprague.cz