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Frequently asked questions

When do entries open for PIAF 2015?

Call for entries begins on February 4th 2015. Please submit your entries via our online system at http://system.piaf.cz.

What is the deadline for entry?

The final deadline for submitting entries is on April 3rd 2015.

What are the fees?

199 Euro without VAT per one entry in all categories. For more information please visit section "Fees and payments". 

Do you offer discounts for more submitted entries? 

Yes, discounts are calculated as follows. For more information please visit section "Fees and payments".
10 entries = 7%   discount  (ie. price per one entry = 185 Euro without VAT)
15 entries = 10% discount  (ie. price per one entry = 179 Euro without VAT)
20 entries = 15% discount  (ie. price per one entry = 169 Euro without VAT)
25 entries = 30% discount  (ie. price per one entry = 139 Euro without VAT) 

What are application requirements? 

Your entry should include: 

  • entry details (title, client, product/service, industry)
  • entry credits (names and titles of people who stand behind the entry)
  • entry synopsis
    • brief description
    • client brief
    • strategy & creative idea
    • creative execution  
    • documented results
  • English translation of main headlines
  • files with ads
  • for image files one mounted sample (60x40cm) of each entry must be supplied - must be delivered by May 4th 2015

Can I enter my entry into more than one category?

Yes, you may enter into as many categories as you wish. Entering one item in multiple categories substantially increases your chances of winning. Theoretically you can submit your entry into all 12 categories.

What do I do, if I'm not sure of the correct category of my entry?

We will do our best to help you. Please feel free to contact us via email entries@piafawards.com or on the phone + 420 234 721 250.   

How many files can I attach to my entry?

The maximum number of the attached files is not set up for categories. However, in case of different variations of visuals/videos (e.g. print campaign) you have to submit these files as a separate entry.

How do I find out that my submitted entry fulfills required technical and content specifications?

After Entries closure every submitted entry will be checked if it fulfills the specifications. In case of devitation we will turn to you asking for sending us the work with correct parameters.

How can I pay for my entries?

We accept payments by bank transfer and now newly by card online. For more info please visit the section "Fees & Payment methods".

My entry was shortlisted - what will happen now?

All shortlisted entries will be awarded by PIAF certificate. They proceed to final judging, which is going to be held during the judging session at PIAF Conference (May 25th - 26th,2015). The Award Ceremony will take place on May 27th at 7:00 pm. Information about tickets for this event you can find here.