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We are extending deadline for entry submissions to 19th April 2013!

The PIAF competition is different than the majority of other competitions.  In our opinion, the age old view of advertising as divided under traditional media categories is no longer current. 

PIAF have the unique system of categories that covers all types of communication, including a focus on brand creation and creative sales. One advertising project or campaign is able to compete concurrently in several categories, as the jury not assess just the idea, but also the creative method of delivering the message to the target group and its ability to elicit the desired response. The most successful entries in individual categories then have the greatest chance of winning the Grand Prix award.

How can I enter PIAF Awards?

Via online system, which is available on http://system.piaf.cz . The system will be open for submitting entries on 11th February 2013.

What should I do before I start submitting entries? 

  1. Explore the revolutionary system of categories.
  2. Check that entry fees are more than reasonable this year again.
  3. Check technical requirements for uploading files.
  4. Aren't you sure? Try to find an answer in FAQs.
  5. Let your creative ideas shine and submit them via PIAF online system.
What is the deadline for entry?

Deadline for submitting the entries is on 19th April 2013.