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About PIAF

We founded PIAF in 2010 with the aim of bringing the world’s best advertisements to Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  However, the real beginning for us was not until PIAF 2011 when it became a competition of creativity in an entirely new way.  PIAF had customers and agencies join forces  towards the success of the advertisement and we also stressed the importance of creativity of marketing professionals and communications agencies in the  compilation of our jury and conference program.  

The competition literally underwent a breakthrough.  The traditional division of competition categories by media type no longer reflects current development trends.  Advertising is ever changing and the traditional label of „competition“ will no longer suffice.  Creativity is also manifested in the last phases of brand evaluation – in the methods of sales and support.  It is for this reason that we introduced totally new categories.

PIAF is a venue for the meeting of professionals.  In the past we are proud to have welcomed personalities such as Donald Gunn, Alexander Schill, Jean-Marie Dru, Michael Conrad, Tim Delaney, Gideon Amichay, Luiz Sanches, Susan Credle, Chris Garbutt, Adrian Botan and many others. We have welcomed global or European marketing experts as either jurors or speakers from brands such as Adidas, Absolut, Honda, Kraft Foods, Heineken, Bavaria, T-Mobile, Turkish Airlines, Wrangler and others.

The conference program conforms to the current demand of the greatest amount of knowledge in the shortest amount of time - we will have about thirty top worldwide speakers within two days giving inspirational seminars, workshops and presentations.  We prefer case studies and clearly formulated visions to lengthy academic debates.  We expect an even number of customers and representatives from creative agencies (advertisers as well as creatives, strategists, planners, art directors and other specialists from creative, digital and BTL agencies).  In short, we welcome all who use creativity as a tool in their work.

PIAF is organized by the joint-stock company PIAF, a.s.